The curriculum at Montessori School of Cherry Creek is designed to build child development through the practice of the following areas:

Practical Life

Practical life is designed to develop a child's gross and fine motor skills which materials such as spooning, polishing, clothes washing, pouring etc.


Sensorial makes a child experience and perceive different sizes, shapes, colors, weights, tastes and textures of diverse material provided by the environment. An array of activities assist the child to sense and understand the information it receives from the environment.


Mathematics is designed so children can learn to see, feel and lay a rich foundation for the understanding of numbers and arithmetic. As the child becomes more and more comfortable with the material inputs become more abstract and interesting.


Emphasis is placed on learning the sounds each letter makes rather than the alphabet. The auditory and visual tracking skills are horned along with developing the small motor skills used in writing.

What Our Curriculum Offers

  • Helps your child become an orderly, integrated person with self direction, inner discipline, and a sense of responsibility.

  • Fulfils your childs need to become independant and to be able to make wise choices.

  • Permits your child to participate freely in activities suited to their individual needs and capabilities.

  • Makes it easy for your child to learn social skills as well as basic cognitive skills.

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