As children progress through a Montessori program from three to six years they eventually reach a point in their development which is the culmination of a unique cycle of awareness and growth. The last year (Kindergarten) provides the child with a four hour daily cycle to continue to work with ever advancing materials in science, math, reading and geography.

During this year the maturity level has developed into a natural need for further academic exploration. Children feel comfortable with their increasing abilities and continually seek challenges. Each child’s natural maturity and awareness eventually sparks an explosion into reading and math at this stage. The availability of the variety of advanced materials at the moment the child is emotionally and mentally ready is the foundation to the Kindergarten in a Montessori Classroom.


Parent Handbook for PreSchool & Kindergarten
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The skills we develop applying enhanced Montessori Methods

  • Practical Life

  • Field Trips

  • Art

  • Science

  • Sensorial

  • Language

  • Mathamatics

  • Culture

  • Geography
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